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Genesis of the Smart Sensing Programme

Un cerveau curieux rencontre un problème à résoudre

A Curious Mind

Encounters a Problem to Solve

In 2003, Jean-Luc Errant wondered how to allow people to monitor their own health and physical activities in an easy and useful fashion, including in extreme conditions such as in high altitudes or on the high seas, when this kind of information is crucial.

Un tour de table éclectique

A Wide Range of Advisors

To find a solution, Jean-Luc sought out the advice and ideas of scientists, sports-people, engineers, mountain guides, and even a chef.

Let’s meet the team

The Eureka Moment!

When leaving the house nowadays, you always take three things with you: your keys, you mobile phone, and you clothes. Jean-Luc, like many of us, can be a bit of a scatterbrain and sometimes forgets his keys, or his phone, or even both…

Le textile intelligent

Smart Sensing was born

Smart textile

That’s how clothes got to be the ideal platform to monitor one’s physical activity and health all day long or during training, whatever the weather, the place or the health conditions. Have a glimpse at our technology.

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Des industriels de tous horizons pour relever le défi

Industries of All Makes

to Take up the Challenge

To invent the ideal product, we had to have around our table companies capable of leaving their comfort zone and breaking the codes. Since 2012, a consortium is working hard to bring you the textile of tomorrow: let’s meet the companies behind the innovation.

Let’s meet our consortium

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