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Consortium Members

Cityzen Sciences is the spear-head of the Smart Sensing consortium. To conduct our Smart Sensing industrial programme, Cityzen Science gathered partners with valuable expertise in their respective fields into a recognisable French consortium.

The PAYEN Group specializes in yarns and elasticfabrics for sportingpurposes and technical uses.

The Group has almost 50 years’ experience in this field, which provides PAYEN an expertise acknowledged by major brands as well as by the success of numerous athletes during international competitions.

For PAYEN, the Smart Sensing project is a captivating challenge both in a technical way, the realization of textile micro-sensor, and a commercial way, to make available a tremendous physical effort management support tool to as many as possible.

Thanks to the combination of complementary and proven expertise, PAYEN can achieve this challenge and genuinely use the phrase “Smart textile”.
Smart Sensingis a key project for PAYEN and its strategy that consists in keeping up at the leading edge of textile innovation.

Eolaneis the French 1st (5th in Europe) industrial services provider in the field of professionalelectronics.

Eolane is a French company created in 1975 in Combrée (Maine-et-Loire) that employs more than 3000 people and achieves a turnover of EUR 360 million. Its strong roots in the French industrial fabric make it a company to be reckoned with especially in the telecom, defense, automotive, energy, aerospace, and medical sectors and industries.

Eolane has, notably in France, some twenty production sites with comprehensive and high-performing industrial facilities. It also employs 220 people in its 7 R&D services around France. Therefore, Eolane offers to its clients all the technical expertise necessary for products conception and industrialization (hardware, software, prototypes…)

Finally, Eolane is extending internationally: already established in China (sourcing and production), Morocco and Tunisia and recently in Estonia and Germany.

The Smart Sensing project would be for Eolane both an opportunity to enter the textile market with recognized partners and a means to innovate and to acquire new competencies that will benefit its customers.

Groupe Cyclelab13 years in the cyclingindustry.

The launch of “Culture Vélo” in France in January 2000 laid the groundwork of Cyclelab. As the shop network expanded, the structure has continuously increased, creating more and more activities and employment. For 13 years, the same enthusiasm for commercial services has driven Denis Briscadieu and his team.

Cyclelab represents 125 stores where 429 employees work, with a global turnover of EUR 104 million. The company sells thousands of accessories and 70 000 bikes per year. For the past 12 years, 270 jobs have been created in every French department. The 32 Cyclelab collaborators have a 254 years cumulated experience in the cycle activity. The services’ turnover of the group reaches an amount of EUR 5,8 million. Cyclelab is also a very innovative company that aims to create a “Cycle SiliconValley” _ a biking industry cluster nearby the city of Toulouse.

That’s why the whole team of Cyclelab Group works everyday in order to offer more and more global solutions to the cycling universe.

A prestigiousgraduate engineering school and international research center in the field of information and technologies:

Telecom Bretagne is a public institution, member of the Institut Mines-Telecom – a federation of graduate schools and research organisms that make up the French National pole of reference regarding higher education and research innovation in the field of science and technology, of information and communication, as well as for their use and applications.

Telecom Bretagne research teams willbring to the Smart Sensing project their inter-disciplinary expertise both in upstream stages of use analysis and downstream stages of complex databases management. Furthermore, the school will take part in the studies about design conception and innovation, notably vis-à-vis interfaces, software and networks issues or even sensors within the textile. Note that those sensors combine maximal integration, control of consumption and in situ signal processing.

Smart Sensing is there fore a genuine opportunity for Telecom Bretagne to federate all its skills around a same issue: the communicative clothing of tomorrow.

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Smart Sensing Partners