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Smart Sensing technology


Textil embedded sensors
Measure of the physiological data

Textile Textile Textile

Removable case
Recovery of all the data


Real time monitoring


Data management, indicators construction


Recorded Analysis

The textile of the future a reality


The market for textiles is more and more oriented towards the “quantified self”.

Like many innovations, connected textile was born of a revolution of uses. The genesis of the Smart Sensing project, and of connected textile in general, arose with the advent of the quantified-self movement.

This trend consists in constantly measuring your physical exertion, your heart rate, the amount of calories you have burnt, the quality of your sleep and of the air you are breathing at home… All thanks to connected devices integrated to your everyday life and linked up to your computer or smart-phone.

This need, more and more present in professional sports to support the quest for performance, is now open to a larger audience on their quest of well-being.

The trend is at the root of today’s growing market for portable devices measuring physiological data, such as connected bracelet…

The Smart Sensing project chose an innovative approach, using textile as support to collect data. Integrating the know-how of complementary industries and the advice of leading experts, Smart Sensing takes on all the technological and industrial challenges of smart textiles to ensure that by 2014 its technology will be on the market.

Creation of an ingredient-brand

Commercialised under the name Smart Sensing, an ingredient brand that
will find applications in all sectors.

Marque CreationAdaptable, evolutive, and compatible with a production on an industrial scale, the Smart Sensing ingredient brand is intended to develop in numerous sectors. The technology is weaved into the end product for higher benefits and the guarantee of a real differentiation. The idea is not for Smart Sensing to sell just fabrics but to become a world leader in the integration of embedded intelligence to all kinds of fabrics.

A positioning placing the company as an innovation catalyst for its industrial clients. Cityzen Science’s teams support the client businesses in the development of Digital Shirts, tailored to the needs, products, and values of the clients.

The products can be personalised at various stages: conception, production, commercialisation or customer services; development of new sensors, creation of new indicators using algorithms created for or by the client, customisation of software (Smart-phone applications, web platform…). This technology opens the way to a revolution of the ways value is built.

The platform processing the data was conceived as an “open ecosystem” to answer in real-time to the specific needs of the clients and eventually of the consumers, which offers the possibility of writing new algorithms that will be translated into indicators adapted to the expected sportive life-style (competition, well-being, leisure sports…).

For the launch of the brand, Smart Sensing will showcase their potential with mass-market sports products: a t-shirt and cycling bib tights sensing directly the wearer’s heart rate, GPS location, speed, etc. These clothes, equipped with an artificial intelligence adaptable to each sportsperson, will be commercialised with personalised real-time coaching and monitoring applications.

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